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Choosing a Bakery

Elaine Robbins/Owner
Edible Artistry
Member: Triad Bridal Association

Many brides are scaling back due to the economy.  Can't blame them.  A wedding cake is an important part of the ceremony, and to get the best value, you have to know what you are paying for.  There are hidden costs and by asking questions, you can get the most value for your money. Some of them:
1. Do you deliver the cake or do I have to pick up the cake? 
2. Are you licensed and insured? 
3. How many people work with you? 
4. Is this your full-time job or do you make cakes on your spare time? 
5. What size and shape cake is used for each tier? (You can then compare the serving size and price.)
Many brides are told they will get a cake that feeds a certain number but the charts used are all different.  Not to get too technical, but when you are being charged by the slice, a price of $2.25 per serving can cost $225 if the baker uses the chart for 100, while another baker at $3.25 uses the chart for 70 for a total of $227.50.  Not much of a difference in price - but more servings for your "wedding cake dollar."  Moral of the story: know the size of your cake and compare the total price based on size. 
But don't let "how much do you charge per slice?" be the basis for your decision!  Without asking additional questions, you could find yourself disappointed by the final cost: one baker's "slice" may be a lot smaller than another baker's slice.  So ask:
1. What size cakes do you use to serve X amount of people?
2. Do I have to pay for the top Anniversary tier?
3. Do I have to pay to have additional flavors on each tier?
4. Do your designs have additional fees?
5. What is included in the quoted rate?
6. What flavors can I have to stay within the quoted price?
7. What is your delivery fee?
8. Do you sell additional undecorated side cakes for less that I can serve from the kitchen to save cost on the wedding cake?
9. Will that cake be the same height as the wedding cake or will it be a sheet cake?
I recommend that brides e-mail a picture of the cake they desire.  A baker can then calculate cost...and save the bride time and gas.  And from my end, when I give a price by e-mail, it let's me know she is serious when she makes an appointment.
Sample! Sample! Sample! 
Taste before purchasing!  The Carolina Weddings Show at Greensboro Coliseum is a great place to do that, and most Triad Bridal Association cake experts will arrange a tasting for you (and you can count on them to be fair and ethical).
There are no wrong or right answers.  Each bride can make an educated decision, by asking a few questions.  In return, you will have a cake you love and will remember fondly.

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